A damp start

However, nothing can dampen my spirit! I’m sure it will improve as the day goes on


That hairy monster is just about good enough for the weekly photo challenge!



If it improves I might add more! Have a great day.

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Crisp and Cold – Weekly Photo Challenge – Peaceful

I thought I’d start by showing you something a litttle different.  This, as you can see, is a different tree.  A neighbour recently had some old and dangerous trees removed (fortunately just before the high winds we had the other week.  This has opened up new vistas, including this tree, behind which the sun now rises.  I think it’s a silver birch, otherwise known as the ‘Surrey Weed’.   These two wood pigeons were billing and cooing in it this morning.  The grey sky behind belies the beautiful blue sky that I could see from the back door.  The sun just caught the edge of the photograph (now cropped out) throwing everything into shadow.  It was very cold this morning with a beautiful frost on some of the leaves.  I’m glad I wasn’t going out, the car would definitely have needed defrosting.  As I write this the temperature is only 3 deg celsius, and it has warmed up considerably!

Just a few passing trails of aircraft far too far away to reach!  It’s fun to speculate as to their destination, though.

At first the tree looked empty, but on closer inspection this lovely creature was revealed

In fact, the garden was positively ‘awash’ with birds when I looked more closely.  Here are just a few

This one and the one below were in the pear tree.  Some of those buds look almost ready to burst!

I’ve also added this post to the weekly photo challenge, which is ‘peaceful’.  I think it fits in perfectly.  For more entries in the challenge see Just Snaps and Chittle Chattle below, and also see here for more information.

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