Rosy Glow

Just a hint of pink in the sky this morning.  Not a cloud in sight, bright and cold.  The coldest start to the year so far, just 2 deg celcius.

I wonder where he’s heading?  We sometimes see planes on their way to Franfurt from Dulles airport in Washington.

After the winds of the last few days it was a pleasure to be outside enjoying the clear air

There are definitely fewer berries on the tree.  If you click on this and compare it to one in an earlier post you will see the difference.  We had a visitor, but he was trying to hide……

He didn’t do it very well, though.  I crept up on him!

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Chittle Chattle

365 Days of Colour


In the Pink

Shepherds’ warning?

At 8am this morning there was just a small hint of pink in view.  Can you see it?

Just a little further to the right it is more obvious

Such a pretty backdrop to the tree.

The views I’ve shown you so far are all facing almost due north.  Look what I would have missed if I hadn’t turned around

It was 5 deg celcius, but with no wind it felt quite mild and balmy!

Today’s Chittle Chattle

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365 Days of Colour

The birds are back

Those are rain clouds that you can see.  The wind is strong, and it was difficult to get a shot in the murk that is this morning.

There’s a lot of rain in that sky, and it is falling fast and furiously at the moment.

Amazingly the birds are there.  Hanging on for dear life, no doubt.  No protection from leaves.

Winds are high and up to 80 miles an hour in some areas.  I don’t think we have them at that speed, but they are the sort of winds that could cause damage.  Trees are down everywhere, and a local railway line is blocked by one.  I have to go to the dentist later!  Not looking forward to going out even though it’s really mild again ………. 12 deg celcius

What a difference a Day Makes!

Beautiful blue sky, clear and cool

This shaky photograph shows an aeroplane on its way to our local airfield.  We don’t get many passing like this so I was surprised to see it.  The temperature has dropped a little, just 6 deg celcius today, not really cold.

Another shaky one!  Such a glorious blue sky.  Will the next photo be as bad?

Well, it isn’t good, sorry.  However, isn’t it surprising how those berries show up so much more clearly against the blue of the sky.

Have a great day, and thanks for visiting.  I’d love to hear from you if you find this project interesting.


The New Year

Cloudy and grey, but mild.  The temperature this morning was 11 deg celcius.   The closeup follows

This morning we had a visit from the biggest, ugliest, fattest long haired grey cat you can imagine.  It had taken up residence underneath the sink garden.  Unfortunately it disappeared before I could take a photograph.  It was the size of a badger!