Last year the sky was gloriously golden. Click the photograph to find out more.

A very cold day. It’s worth comparing last year with the current weather. The unpredictability is what makes living in the UK so exciting…..



The day started grey and cold. It stayed that way all day


The thermometer was covered in hard frost – nothing was legible –


and although the plants looked beautiful covered with their frosting – it was the forerunner of freezing fog.

Not nice.

Another cold start

So, will the pictures behave today? It was a very cold and frosty start. I had to be away early, and there was thick frost on the car. Undaunted I arrived on time! These were taken when I came home, it was still morning, so that shows how early I was out!


It was still grey but brightened up as the day went on


I was too busy to take more pictures, though, so you will have to take my word for it.