What an awful start to the day. The night was very blustery, with rain beating against the windows. By 10am it was still dingy, nothing cheery at all.


These photographs were taken during a short dry respite in the rain.


but evidence  was littered across part of the patio, and even a puddle


The nearest oak tree is about 100 metres away, these leaves must have been whipped up off the ground as the tree itself is devoid of foliage at the moment.


So too is the Rowan, of course. It’s just standing growing tall and waiting for the arrival of spring. We didn’t have long to wait for the next rain, it began as I closed the door after taking these pictures. Our foxy wind-vane is scurrying round, not knowing which way to face as it is so blustery. I’ll show him to you again when I can get close enough (in the dry weather) to photograph him well.