This is the first time I’ve been frustrated with WordPress

Firstly – it’s taken several attempts to get a photograph to appear…..

Secondly – it’s impossible to get them into the order in which I want them……

Thirdly – I can’t link the one posted here earlier.

So, if you want to read the story behind this post please start at the bottom and read up. Sorry, but it’s WordPress and not me today!


Final picture. By early afternoon this was the only snow left in the garden.


5th photograph above – blue sky. What a relief


Fourth picture above! Thankfully the cold didn’t last. By 10am the temperature was rising.


Third picture above. Sad little robin half sheltering from the cold

Second picture should be here, and linked from Just Snaps. Taken at dawn using the iPad the snow was a shock. Not forecast, and I hate it, even though it’s only a smattering.


First picture – grey skies, but worse than that was what lay on the ground.