Don’t ask me where the month has gone, I don’t know. I’ve been busy every day, but nothing has been accomplished. Tonight is a Blue Moon – the second full moon of the quarter. I tried to take a photograph of it last night, but it isn’t very good


I’ve included the street lamp as it is soon to be replaced with a white light. It will be interesting to compare the difference sometime in the future.

Of course, none of the above has anything whatsoever to do with the view from the back door


The day started with news of record temperatures for August in certain parts of the country. Apparently some areas of Scotland recorded those of minus one. Thankfully it wasn’t that cold, although a lot cooler. The day started sunny, though, with amazing skies once more


A good day for clearing rubbish from the garden


This will shortly be taken to the collection dump, to be turned into some sort of something, I’m not sure what.  Meanwhile, the tree just stood as itself!