It’s surprising how many aeroplanes and helicopters I have ‘missed’ this year.  Dashing to the back door during dyeing is not an option, and my view from the outside space isn’t exactly perfect.  I did however manage to capture this one on the last day of the private show at Farnborough.

It probably has some fancy technical name, but as far as I’m concerned ….. it’s just a helicopter!   I think there was meant to be something in this one too,

and this one

however, I’m really pleased with the drama that is evident, and I don’t mind having missed the actual subject!  As for this next one, however,

who would have guessed that it is the historical flight of 2 spitfires and a hurricane?

It was a beautiful start to the day as you can see here,

but the pictures at the beginning of the post show that the weather deteriorated somewhat as time passed.