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It’s March Already!

Have you missed me?  I’ve been away teaching for several days, and will be writing about it on another blog sometime soon.  (I’ve filled in some of the gaps in this blog with the odd picture, too).  Today is St David’s Day, but I have no pictures of daffodils to show you!  I have a picture of another yellow flower, however.

It was a glorious day and the gorse glowed in the sun.

The sky was blue and, although I didn’t record it, the temperature went up to 16 deg C

Of course, higher temperatures just mean that the flies appear!

There was even a bee collecting pollen from this plant, but unobligingly too high up for me to catch,

and the camellia seems to have recovered from the cold.

Both of the choisyas are set to burst into bloom

and the tree was obviously enjoying the sun.

As for the sunset….

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