On the rise

I’m not sure why, but today the upper atmosphere was full of aircraft passing by.

Seconds later more were going over

and in fact, with a wider lens I could have included 3 more in this photograph.

There were a few touches of light cloud, but apart from that the sky was a brilliant blue.

It was mild, but apparently it will be milder by the end of the week.

2 thoughts on “On the rise

  1. I’m glad it’s going to be milder at the end of the week, since I’m coming to your neck of the woods!

    I wondered if your glut of planes was not due to start up of traffic in the morning, but judging from the sky, it was later than that…

    • Yes, yesterday’s pics were later. Today’s are early, but as we were just back from a tiring weekend it took me a long time to get going yesterday. Have a lovely weekend. We are hoping the sun will shine in Lancs, which is where we are heading.

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