Another cold start

So, will the pictures behave today? It was a very cold and frosty start. I had to be away early, and there was thick frost on the car. Undaunted I arrived on time! These were taken when I came home, it was still morning, so that shows how early I was out!


It was still grey but brightened up as the day went on


I was too busy to take more pictures, though, so you will have to take my word for it.


Sshhh, it’s a secret

I thought I knew the garden well, however, I’m learning a lot.  I’m seeing a very familiar scene in a completely different light and ‘secrets’ are gradually being revealed.

The tree has taken on a new personality, and I’m amazed that some birds visit it at the same time each day.

This is the Lord of the domain!  You can almost set you watch by his visits.  His song is beautiful, and he seems to serenade me each morning at dawn.

This chappie hid from him, but once he was spotted he was chased away

Mr Robin is tolerated, though, and sometimes they sing a duet.  Bliss!

Remember the little greenhouse?  See where the snow landed?  Now, it’s covered in lace.

Hardly surprising.  The sun is shining, but no warmth in it.

Here’s another secret that the garden has given up during the snow.  A visit from a badger.  The tracks on the left are the ones you saw yesterday, the big ones are new.  We used to have badgers, but they disappeared.  I wonder if they are back because it’s cold, or are they living nearby once again?  Who knows?  I’ll be watching for more signs now, though.

Sadly I didn’t get photographs of the redwing, goldcrest or fieldfare that visited today.  They were more nervous.

Snow, snow, don’t want snow.

It’s too cold to snow, and that’s official.

The cars were covered in frost, but the sun was shining, so in spite of -6 on the thermometer it was melting.

The poor bluebells around it’s foot, which had struggled through far too early, were looking worse for wear.  The leaves are left in this part of the garden to help keep the ground ‘warm’ underneath.

The sky was blue, and the birds were in abundance in the garden

All were huddled against the cold.  This female blackbird stayed there for some time, too far away for a decent shot.

Her mate was nearby, he usually sings away, but today he was silent.

No chasing away today, it was too cold for the Lord of  the Manor to move.

Everywhere I looked there were visitors

The blackbird even tolerated two speckled thrushes who visited the tree

Here’s a bad closeup of one

I think these two are pretending not to see each other!

Once again, interesting ice crystals had formed on the greenhouse

There were two speckled thrushes together, but the bottom one flew just as I clicked, you can just see a blob!

Those lines are irritating.  Not on the original but somehow there during loading to the internet.

I tried again, as you can see they are different this time.  Does anyone know why it happens – and how to fix it?  I usually end up loading countless pics until one is perfect.  No time for that today.  It doesn’t happen often, though, usually only with one photograph on the odd post, and it’s the only problem I’ve found with blogging on WordPress.

According to this forecast* there is a slight possibility of snow overnight, but that may change.  If it goes quickly I’ll miss it – and there won’t be any photographs.  I’m spending the night looking after my youngest grandchildren.

*Although this meteorological office is hundreds of miles from where I live, I have found that their method of forecasting offers much more accuracy.  Just for fun, put in the name of your town, and see what they have to say.  Let me know if you find the same in the comments!

A lot on my mind

I’ve been a little preoccupied at the moment, there’s been a lot going on.  When you have read this post I hope you will follow the link at the bottom.  Every little helps, as you will see!

This morning seems a very long time ago.

The sky was blue, but it was cold,

and it didn’t get much warmer.

There were a few pretty clouds,

and several birds

all of whom were singing their pretty little hearts out.

It was a pleasure to be outside.

Now, please take a look here